Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Christina Regule

My name is Christina Regule, and I was the first female I-Row Squadleader in 1986 (Assistant Squadleader in 1985). Nothing prepared me more in this life to become a U.S. Army Active Duty Chaplain than my five years in THE Ohio State University Band! When the news broke for me here in Germany, I was stunned, outraged, conflicted, and convicted regarding parts of the report; however, the research methodology and its subsequent results are extremely inaccurate and seemingly intentionally misleading. I never did or saw a midnight ramp. I never laid my eyes on the infamous songbook. I've never been to the Varsity Club. Furthermore, I was given my nickname, because it was so incongruent with my life, and I received that honorably, as a core value compliment. Yet, my OSUMB Family was there for me through band tryout preparations, the death of my "Buni" (Grandmother), and the establishment of a "For God and Country" foundation to become an Active Duty Army Chaplain. The culture of the Ohio State University Marching Band, not only prepared me for the U.S. Army, it also prepared me for year-long deployment in Afghanistan: Family-bonding, Trust, Resiliency, and Survival!

For God and Country, and "Our Honor Defend, We will Fight To The End for O-HI-O!"


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