Sunday, August 3, 2014

Charles David Spohn (Son of Former OSUMB Director Charles Spohn)

Letter to the Editor, Columbus Dispatch CHARLES DAVID SPOHN (CDSPOHN) While I was never a member of the marching band, I enjoyed the gift of being raised around the band while my father served as both the Assistant Director and Director of the OSUMB. While there are clearly issues that must be addressed within the culture of the organization, I do NOT support the firing of Director Waters. In many respects, I think Director Waters has already proven to have a commitment to improving the has been easily seen and heard in the tremendous results during the OSUMB's performances while he has served as director. I also firmly trust the opinions expressed by many current and former bandmembers that Director Waters was beginning to make headway in regards to improvements behind the scenes. I respectfully ask that the university reconsider the dismissal of Director Waters in favor of allowing him a probationary period during which he can fully institute the changes that are deemed appropriate by The Ohio State University. While I realize there are likely elements which would prefer to see a wholesale cleaning of the house within the leadership of the band, I am of the firm belief that because there are many honored traditions and cultural elements of the band which are worth well as those which have no place in ANY organization at Ohio State...the best possible instrument for change is the former bandmember and most recent director who has devoted nearly two decades of his life to the OSUMB, the university, and to those of us who hold both organizations quite dear. 2014-07-27 11:54:41.0

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