Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Unremarkable "Culture" of the Ohio State University Marching Band, Part 1

Regarding the release of the "Unofficial OSUMB Songbook", which was actually suppressed and a rare commodity under the leadership of Director Jonathan Water, I'd like to share with you how unremarkable such songs really are in the real world and in college football traditions around the United States.

John Valby (AKA Dr. Dirty) is celebrating 40 years of tasteless songs.
Discussion and some lyrics showing some songs had their start in the military ranks. These could be investigated more thoroughly.
Iowa Beer Band sing lyrics for Minnesota at 4:13, 4:50 is OSU, and it continues... (these are clearly band members - watch out Iowa) (O-H-I-O, rip his fucking head off!) (LSU "Neck" - the band was told to not play this anymore because the university couldn't get the stadium to stop singing these lyrics) (LSU "Neck" again, showing the ladies are happy to engage in the song too) (Wisconsin student section) (We need one more from LSU - notice there are some adults doing it too - is it stuck in your head yet?) (USC students - story is the USC band stopped playing "Hey" because of the students' cheering, but this was at UC Irvine and the Anteater Band had no idea)
Other Colleges' Songs:
Stanford - this is the last snapshot that caught their stuff online, on the UNIVERSITY'S server
If you go up one more level, you will see ALL their other documents too.
USC Alumni Trombones - you have to register to see it, I did not try.
A large collection of anti fight songs from across the nation posted by this guy who works at UW-Madison
Threads about anti fight songs/cheers:
Marching Band Purity Test - I've seen a couple but this one is courtesy of K-State

-Sherri Rapp

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